Logistics disruption at borders increasigly attributed to COVID-19

The logistics challenges faced by businesses in the UK are also showing up in surveys targeted at exporters. As this #dataisbeautiful chart shows, a third of respondents are still attributing any problems to the UK’s new trading relationship with the EU, but an increasing number in August were saying the main cause was either COVID-19 or the combination of COVID-19 and Brexit.

Overall, around 55% of exporting businesses reported facing some kind of challenges— a figure that has stayed very similar throughout the year. The severity of disruption experienced, though, has decreased. In January, 70% of businesses that had seen some challenges reported the impact as “Severe” or “Moderate”, while this number was down to less than 60% in August.

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Tera Allas

Tera Allas

I help complex organisations make the right strategic decisions through innovative, insightful and incisive analysis and recommendations.